President's Message

I would like to begin by expressing my appreciation to everyone who helped make possible our listing on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on January 26, 2015.

Since Career Link started operations in 1996, we have been a source of job opportunities that match the requirements and skills of each individual. By accurately targeted these needs, we have served people of all ages who are seeking jobs that have flexibility. Maximizing the satisfaction of our customers as well as our people on assignment and others registered with us has always been our highest priority.

Our experience in the human resources industry gives us the know-how to provide comprehensive services for meeting customers’ demands and helping them add more value to their own products and services. In our business process outsourcing operations, we supply people and perform outsourced tasks along with ideas in order to assist customers improve efficiency and achieve other goals. Our customer relationship management business involves primarily the operation of contact centers. In our manufacturing and technology operations, we offer temporary staffing and outsourcing services for manufacturing and distribution companies. Our office operations supply temporary workers for office work, help companies with recruiting office workers, perform outsourced tasks and provide other services.

Career Link is guided by the mission of becoming Japan’s most caring human resources company. Everyone wants to do a good job. We want to find places for these people so they can experience the joy of working. Another goal is to be a source of a variety of human resources services that can evolve in response to changes in the operating environment. We are determined to continue earning the trust of our customers as well as our temporary placement workforce.

Now that we are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange first section, we are focusing our energy and resources on achieving more growth in order to meet the high expectations of our customers, employees, shareholders and all other stakeholders.

October 2, 2017

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