Medium-term Management Plan

Key strategies

Sales growth

●Become more competitive in the temporary staffing market
●Expand operations to include field work, chiefly involving financial payment processing services, in order to receive all-inclusive orders that encompass core tasks as well as all associated activities.
●Target high-volume BPO projects in the private and public sectors
●Capture a larger share of the human resources market for telemarketing vendors outside Japan’s major metropolitan areas

Growth of financial services sector business

●Increase the scale of business activities in the financial services sector by using the Daiko Securities Business alliance

Strengthen manufacturing human resources

●Enlarge the core food processing human resource services business to cover all areas of Japan

Mergers and acquisitions

●Use mergers and acquisitions to establish a presence in more business domains

Fundamental strategy

BPO Business

Use high-quality BPO services to rank first in BPO customer satisfaction
●Raise the volume of BPO services for financial service and system integration companies by using the Daiko Securities Business capital and business alliance.
●Increase the breadth activities involving financial payment processing services
●Capture orders from utilities and other providers of essential public services in conjunction with the upcoming consumption tax increase; establish a sound position in the BPO market for these companies and a base for growth
●Make Careerlink synonymous with outstanding quality; further improve quality to make the Careerlink brand even more powerful and continue growing.

CRM Business

Increase capabilities for attracting people registered and matching the skills of these people with the requirements
●Target demand at telemarketing companies in areas outside Japan’s major metropolitan areas by recruiting value-added people and upgrading capabilities for attracting people registered for temporary placements and matching the skills of these people with the requirements of clients.
●Increase the volume of services provided to financial institutions

Office services Business

Increase earnings by improving the profitability of Careerlink and Japan Business Service
●Respond as needed to the so-called “2018 employment problem,” which is associated primarily with amendments to Japan’s Labor Contract Act and Worker Dispatching Act
●Provide follow-up support to assist employees achieve their career goals; increase the number of people seeking a career path, mainly for financial service sector assignments

Manufacturing human resource services

Aim for growth, with the food sector as the core business, to establish an infrastructure for nationwide operations
●Continue to expand this business, chiefly by serving food processing companies.
●Grow in categories that can use housewives, foreigners and seniors and provide staffing services to companies associated with these categories.
●Raise foreign workers to at least half of all individuals assigned to projects.
●Open offices faster for sales growth and the establishment of nationwide coverage.
●The number of foreign workers used for food processing assignments is climbing steadily and the plan is to increase the use of these workers in other manufacturing categories too
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Numerical targets

Year ended Feb. 2018
actual (billions of yen)
Year ending Feb. 2021
Plan (billions of yen)
Net sales
Operating income
Ordinary income
Net income
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