Medium-term Management Plan

Fundamental strategy

In its core BPO Business, national and local government authorities are expected to continue working to curtail government spending by outsourcing public administration. We also expect that private-sector companies will strive to concentrate their management resources on core activities and outsource ancillary operations.Given this expansion of the BPO market, the Company will work to maximize the knowhow it has gained in BPO administrative operations, including expertise in efficient business processing and quality control, in order to meet a variety of customer needs. In particular, we will work aggressively to expand the BPO Business by harnessing demand related to the January 2016 introduction of a personal number identification system in Japan.

Securing employed staff with a high degree of specialization and extensive experience will be critical to expanding the Company’s comprehensive human resource service business. However, finding high-quality staff is likely to grow more difficult as the economy rebounds. To address this issue, the Company will maintain a focus on employed staff (standard), enhance education and training systems and a career path system for employees. At the same time, we will offer career counseling for certified personnel. Through this detailed range of actions, we will aim to offer personnel employment opportunities that match their work–life balance, helping to cultivate human resources that realize high added value.

Careerlink will continue to revise and strengthen its organizational structure to match the speed of its growth. Activities include rapidly altering the organization to reflect changes in market conditions. Furthermore, we expect our growth to increase the volume of business processes and administrative expenses. This is why one of our priorities is building a more powerful information system that can respond to these changes in our operations. We plan to rebuild the information system to perform tasks more efficiently, upgrade the performance of the system that supports our temporary placement workforce and make other improvements.

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Key strategies

- Grow by targeting opportunities associated with Japan’s new personal social security and tax number system
- Capture large BPO orders from the private and public sectors

- Strengthen the ability to create proposals for plans and improve the quality of these proposals
- Increase the assignment of workers as teams rather than individuals

- Use mergers and acquisitions to extend BPO activities to cover more market sectors

Numerical targets

Year ended Feb. 2017
actual (billions of yen)
Year ending Feb. 2020
Plan (billions of yen)
Net sales 18.4 26.8
Operating income 1.0 1.4
Ordinary income 0.9 1.4
Net income
0.6 0.9

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