Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Information.

As a comprehensive provider of human resource services, Careerlink handles a variety of personal information. We are well aware of our social obligation to handle and protect this information properly. For the protection of personal information, we have established the following policy that is based on JIS Q 15001, an industry standard for requirements for personal information protection management systems.

To remain a trustworthy company for many more years, Careerlink will constantly work on giving everyone who works at the company a sound understanding of the personal information protection policy, ensuring that this policy is followed, and implementing personal information protection measures.

1. We will properly collect, use and supply personal information in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, national government guidelines and other standards of behavior, and the personal information protection management system.
2. We are well aware of the importance of protecting personal information. We have procedures that include the measures necessary to prevent the use of personal information for other than specified purposes, and we will implement and maintain these procedures.
3. To prevent leaks, losses and destruction of personal information, we have reasonable safety measures that include technological and organizational elements. We will take corrective measures immediately in the event of an incident.
4. Complaints and questions about the handling of personal information can be submitted by using the contact information below. We will respond with speed and sincerity.
5. For the proper use and protection of personal information, we reexamine the requirements for personal information protection management systems periodically and make improvements continuously.

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