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An organization with comprehensive skills

In Japan, even as market conditions have changed over the years, there has been a consistently strong need in both the public and private sectors for ways to operate more efficiently and cut costs. Careerlink does much more than merely meet the requirements of companies and workers. We are a comprehensive human resource services company that is capable of doing more to be a source of significant added value.
Sending people to fill positions is just one aspect of our services. We can perform entire processes for companies in order to improve efficiency and quality. This new style of business that we call the human resource service business process outsourcing (BPO) is our greatest strength.

Our strengths

Careerlink has a long list of accomplishments. The core service is the short-term provision of workers. But the ability to utilize knowledge of client companies’ operations by sending workers as entire teams is also critical to our success. Demonstrating these strengths most of all is our involvement in large projects where we supply hundreds of workers along with total solutions for each client’s requirements.
We use an exclusive matching system for the rapid selection of people who are best suited for each project. Overall, we have the resources to start within only about one month even very large projects that call for more than 1,000 workers.

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Market conditions

Japan’s BPO market, which is Careerlink’s core business domain, may appear to be less developed than in Europe and North America. However, annual revenue has recently surpassed ¥3 trillion. Moreover, demand for BPO services will probably continue to grow as Japan’s working-age population declines. Building an infrastructure for meeting this demand is an important social need in Japan.
In the public sector, governments and their agencies are seeking ways to cut expenditures in order to improve financial soundness. In the private sector, there is growing demand for outsourcing peripheral tasks so that companies can concentrate resources on core business activities.


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